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Why Invest In A Franchise

According to a recent survey 90% of franchises report profitability in the first two years, compared to 50% of independent businesses going bust in that period of time. When you buy a franchise you are buying a tried-and-tested business model coupled with a team of experts who are there to support you every step of the way so that you don’t have to face the trials of business ownership on your own.

The advantages of investing in a franchise are many and far outweigh the disadvantages.

  • Using a proven business model and brand
  • Using an established brand
  • A licence to use the brand and systems
  • Support from an expert team
  • Having more credibility to secure funds from banks for the venture
  • Having ongoing operational and marketing support
  • Benefiting from invaluable training
  • Access to an Operations manual
  • Access to operating systems
  • Access to preferred and nominated suppliers
  • Reduced risk
  • Control over your earnings
  • No need to reinvent the wheel

These above make the franchisee’s task of setting up his/her store much easier. In general terms, the disadvantages of a franchise are the following:

  • Losing out on royalty fees
  • Need to respect branding and operations guidelines
  • Restrictions on trade and territories
  • Entry costs
  • Potential reliance on the franchisor

However, while the pros by far outweigh the cons in a fiercely competitive environment, some of the disadvantages can be minimized with meaningful discussions.

The G Factory Team

When you buy the franchise you will be supported by a highly experienced leadership team. Who are The G Factory team members? Founders and team members have decades of experience and are leaders in their field.

Superstar Chef

Project Image Superstar Pastry Chef and co-founder Chris Zammit comes from Malta. At the young age of 17, he enrolled in the Institute of Tourism Studies in his native country. Not sure where this would lead him, he studied Culinary Fine Arts and having terminated his studies, he worked in some of the finest hotels both in Malta and later in the UK, where he took up residence. Due to his creative talent, he was always encouraged to participate in national and international competitions and in a career spanning over 21 years, has seen him test his culinary skills in various international events, from Russia to the U.S.A, in pastillage, miniatures and butter sculptures. His forte however, has always been his ability to work with chocolate, creating incredible showpieces in all shapes and sizes, his latest being a 7 foot showpiece for a Chocolate Exhibition. He has learnt chocolate techniques under French MOF Stephanie Leroux (‘Un des MeilleursOuvriers de France’ loosely translated to ‘One of the best Craftsman in France’ – the highest honour one can receive in France. Meantime, he also studied the production of artisan icecream under MOF Luc Debove.

His work has found favour with HM The Queen when he was commissioned to create a showpiece for her meeting with the King of Bahrain. He was also commissioned to create a butter sculpture for the TV show Ant & Dec and lately has also been filmed by Channel 5 during the creation of the 7’ chocolate sculpture. Chris is a proud member of England National Culinary Team and has represented Great Britain in various international competitions, amongst which was the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in Lyon, France. He is also a Chococommando, representing the top chocolate ice-cream brand Callebaut, his work involving him in giving lectures and tutorials on how to turn out the best chocolate ice-cream.

Together with Giuseppe he became a franchisor in order to develop a business based on dessert creation for the customer’s delight. He loves using his passion, knowledge and experience to produce masterpieces and aspires to help franchisees be proud Partners of The G Factory brand.

All The Way From Italy

Project Image

Visionary business owner and co-founder Giuseppe Trivigno originates from Italy and worked in the hospitality industry in Tuscany for several years after completing his studies in Hospitality Management. He started his first business at 22 and later founded and managed a string of businesses. He always believed in providing first-class customer service to his customers and has always gone the extra mile to prove the adage that the client is king. He then specialised in running dessert places and has been offering consulting services to businessmen and women to help them start their own dessert places. He has the vision of making The G Factory business grow with the new team of franchisor and franchise partners.

The Franchise Marketing Expert

Indian-born Nilesh Wadhwani is the franchise consultant specialising in the marketing of The G Factory franchise nationally and internationally. Originating from a commercial background, having helped retailers to establish their business for a couple of decades, his main objective is to help entrepreneurs set up and run businesses in the initial stages. He has expertise in launching and developing franchises.

Nilesh supports franchisors in the development of their franchise network.As a Business Advisor affiliated with Transworld, a business broking company based in Miami, USA, operating internationally, he will be marketing The G Factory franchise model internationally.

The G Factory Franchise:
What Is Included

Most of our bespoke products are made inhouse, using the chef’s original recipes. We put utmost care and passion into generating amazing flavours for our customers. That’s what makes us different. We pride ourselves on the quality we offer and on the fantastic taste of our artisan desserts.

We want to see you get your business up and running as soon as and as effectively as possible. We will help you settle in your chosen territory with our training and support packages. As

The G Factory franchisee you will receive:

  • Full assistance in finding the venue and in setting everything up
  • Shop fitting package
  • Specialised equipment
  • Ongoing support in branding and marketing on a national level
  • Marketing collateral package
  • Initial ten-day training course
  • Franchise operations manual
  • Ongoing operational support
  • Franchise agreement

The G Factory Business Model

We want to partner with you to share our fantastic business model. We focus on quality and exceptional customer service and satisfaction. We make people happy by providing a unique customer experience and offering quality products.

The key features of our business model are:

  • Tried, tested and proven business model with known ideas and processes
  • An established brand
  • Low start-up cost with full turnkey shop
  • The ability to operate from your chosen location
  • Ongoing marketing & operational support
  • Comprehensive initial training
  • Central dessert place
  • High profit potential
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Reselling the business in the future is possible

What We Are Looking For In A Franchisee

We are looking for committed, hard-working, passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who believe in customer service excellence and who strive to create a happy and positive environment for families and friends to sit in and enjoy their hand-produced desserts.

Our recruitment process is highly structured. We have discussions with you to find out more about you but also for you to know more about us so that you can make an informed decision on the franchise. We want to make sure that our future growth is stable and synergetic.

You will need to show high levels of:

  • Self-Motivation
  • Commitment
  • Ambition
  • Determination
  • Enthusiasm
  • Passion for desserts
  • Business acumen
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • People skills

We want people who have the entrepreneurship drive but who also believe in us and the franchise model and want to commit to a rewarding partnership. You need to see value in our brand, training, support and systems.


We will be initiating a franchisor-franchisee partnership with you right from Day 1 and this involves high levels of trust and confidence on both sides. We will help you in the recruitment and on boarding phases. However, we need to make sure first that you will be happy to be compliant with our systems, processes, and branding guidelines all along. Our business model needs to be respected. We allow room for innovation and ideas and encourage creativity but overall the business must be managed by all our franchisees following detailed guidelines. Outstanding customer service is key to the role and the importance of highly developed people skills to deal with staff and customers is vital for the success of The G Factory franchise.

The Recruitment Process

How smooth is our recruitment process?

We will schedule a meeting with our team of experts in Tonbridge or a mutually convenient central location. We will explain in detail how The G Factory franchise model works and simultaneously learn a little more about you. You will also be provided with a confidential Financial Information Memorandum (FIM) that explains in detail the unique operating methods of The G Factory, complete with sales forecasts and scenarios for the first three years of the franchise. You will also be encouraged to visit our Tonbridge shop and to experience for yourself The G Factory concept.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How quickly can I get started with The G Factory franchise?

We will work with you to get you up and running as quickly as possible and believe in helping you every step of the way.

After the recruitment and onboarding stage we will offer you initial training on a one-to-one basis. Becoming a franchisee is a quick process: it only takes a few weeks between making the initial decision to buy the franchise and setting up and running your own G Factory outlet.

How much can I earn in The G Factory franchise?

The G Factory business model is a low overhead, high profit business.You will first be provided with a confidential Franchise Information Memorandum, amongst many other important pieces of information. The FIM comprises of a detailed three-year franchise business plan that provides full revenue, expenditure and profit and loss information.

Can I resell my franchise in the future?

Yes, you can (on the terms set out in our Franchise Agreement including our approval of the purchaser as a new Franchisee). This is generally why most of us start a business in the first place. You have an asset that is realisable at a premium price.

How can I finance my franchise?

We have built some excellent relationships with the major lenders who will support potential franchisees with their initial franchise fee subject to their normal lending criteria. We are more than happy to put you in touch with our contacts at the banks, who will be happy to answer any of your questions. We have a loan facility in place with The Startup Loans Company, a UK government lending initiative where new start-up franchises can borrow unsecured and at a low rate of interest up to £25,000 for the purchase and establishment of the business. Using this facility, franchisees can easily and effectively finance 50% of the establishment costs of their G Factory business.

The G Factory Key Facts

  • In-house production of the original artisan desserts and cakes
  • Well established shop up and running
  • Turnkey business solution
  • Profitable business model
  • Eco-friendly shop
  • Excellent supply chain
  • A solid Franchise Agreement
  • Franchise expertise
  • Highly experienced management team
  • Comprehensive training
  • Ongoing operational and marketing support
  • Highly resalable in the future
  • Scalable business model

Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy! Before it melts